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Navigating the complex world of insurance can be frustating. We're here to make it easy and be a resource you can depend on year after year.


Cancer is stressful enough on you and your family as it is, in these trying times, we want you to concentrate on healing. If you need cancer insurance, we're here to help you get it today so you can safegard your financial future tomorrow.

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Looking for non-ACA Health Insurance which can be purchased any time of year? Look no further! Simply click on the button below to get some quotes and to go over your options, right now! 




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Planning ahead when it comes to life insurance, can save you time, stress, and even some cash. At Northwest Insurance Professionals, we always handle your life insurance wishes with the utmost care and respect. Click for a quote today.



Since 2009, McKinley Romero & Northwest Insurance Professionals...

...have acted on the belief that nothing is more important than connecting you with the best plans & resources available to you at any stage of your life. Our team will help you understand what needs to be considered to make the best choices.  


We have answers...

Why did moving from one city to another affect my insurance? 

Many plans are available within cities or counties, not entire states. Therefore, moving can cause your current carrier to terminate your coverage since you are then outside of their area of service for that particular plan or carrier. It's always a "best practice" to contact your insurance agent during the planning phase regardless of what is changing about your household. Of course, there are changes that occur that you are not able to plan for or see coming down the road-but make one of your first calls to your insurance agent so they can assist, if needed!

Why does my agent ask me for information every year ? 
The plan you are on was the best coverage and value for you based on the information provided when you chose the plan initially. However, any changes in medications, doctors, needs you want addressed, changes in the plans available and many other things can mean that you may NOT be in the best plan for the coming enrollment period. Your agent will do all the investigation it takes to see if there are other plans which he/she believes would be a better insurance "home" for you in the year to come-enabling you to make an informed decision for the coming year. 
If I have a Medicare Advantage plan, do I still need to carry my red-white and blue Medicare Card?
No! In fact, if you are on a Medicare Advantage plan and you show your Medicare card for services, it will confuse the billing. People on a Medicare Advantage plan need only show the card their Medicare Advantage plan carrier sent them. 


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